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Custom Mailer Boxes: Select the Right Material for Your Product

Custom Mailer Boxes: How to Select the Right Material for Your Product Need

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Choosing the right packaging material for your custom mailer box can be a daunting task, but with the right knowledge you can create something that will stand out amongst all other packages. Whether you’re aiming to make a fashionable or eco-friendly statement, there are materials and techniques available that suit both style and sustainability goals. How to choose packaging material for custom mailer boxes? The key is to assess what type of material suits the product best while considering budget constraints or design effects.


With so many different factors to consider when it comes to selecting packaging material, read on as we go through this guide filled with tips and tricks for businesses seeking just the perfect way to package their products!



Natural kraft cardboard, with its classic brown color, is a great eco friendly option to promote organic products. Made from 100% recycled material it helps reduce the environmental impacts associated with creating new materials. Its natural color provides an appropriate backdrop for dark designs while bright colors may appear muted.


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With eco-friendly awareness becoming increasingly popular, businesses that specialize in eco-friendly products need to consider their environmental impacts. Choosing mailer boxes made from Kraft is one action eco-friendly business can take to reduce sourcing costs and other environmental costs. Leveraging Kraft for mailer box production has many advantages, including its ability to be recycled and composted, enabling eco-friendly business owners to promote their sustainability initiative while still lowering overhead costs.


In addition, Kraft is more cost effective than most other materials and helps eco-businesses increase efficiency with less packaging waste. Investing in Kraft mailer boxes is a great way for eco-friendly businesses to promote themselves while minimizing their impact on the environment.


Standard white


Standard White, also commonly referred to as whitetop, is a popular choice for printing projects that demand a vibrant and colorful outcome. Typically characterized by its matte finish, this type of cardboard provides the ideal base for all colors to stand out and work harmoniously together.


Compared to its counterpart kraft, Standard White is not only more suitable for printing color-heavy images but also a cost-effective option for those seeking high-quality and vivid prints. The versatile nature of Standard White ensures that your creative vision is translated into a striking and professional final product.


Premium white


The distinct characteristics of Premium White, or CCNB, offer a higher degree of vibrancy to any design, making it an exceptional choice for those projects that require outstanding visual impact. This superior paper stock features a lighter coating that enhances its brightness and glossiness compared to its standard white counterparts.


Consequently, when selecting the ideal paper material for bold, full-color designs with various bright colors, it is advised to opt for Premium White to ensure each hue pops and truly stands out. As a professional business, ensuring every aspect of your visual presentation is of the highest quality is vital, and choosing Premium White is a significant step in achieving that unparalleled result.


premium white


Custom packaging gives you a unique opportunity to stand out and make an impact on potential customers and target audience. Whether your packaging needs are decorative, protective, or packaging solutions that require traveling long-distance, the right packaging materials can make all the difference in marketing campaigns and customer experience.


Now that you know the differences between these three packaging materials, it’s time to pick the one that best suits your needs! Just consider carefully your product packaging design requirements, then reach out to us if you need help finding the perfect solution for your business.

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