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How to Choose Correct Bubble Mailer For Your Shipping Needs

How to Choose The Right Bubble Mailer For Your Shipping Needs


Nothing is more important when mailing products than making sure they are safe throughout transportation. Achieving that goal can be greatly aided by selecting the proper type of bubble mailer.


In this post, we hope to provide you with a thorough guide to help you choose the best bubble mailer for your unique needs. We’ll also delve into the advantages of different types of bubble mailers and their application scenarios.


What is a bubble mailer?


A bubble mailer, also known as a bubble envelope or padded envelope, is a packaging material designed to protect your shipped or mailed items. Its construction ensures that your contents remain safe and sound during transit, thanks to its cushioning effects.



The main feature of a bubble mailer is the bubble wrap lining on the inside. Bubble wrap consists of rows of small air-filled bubbles trapped between two layers of film. This design creates a protective layer that absorbs shocks and impacts, helping to prevent damage to the items inside.


Discover a variety of sizes and styles available for custom bubble mailers to guarantee your items are properly protected. These mailers come equipped with either a self-sealing adhesive strip or peel-and-seal closure, making packaging a hassle-free process. Eliminate the need for extra tape and glue with our convenient and secure mailers.


Bubble mailers are a top choice for shipping and mailing items due to their lightweight, protective, and convenient features. They offer an extra layer of cushioning that helps guarantee the contents of the envelope arrive at their destination in great condition.


What kinds of items can be shipped with bubble mailers?


Bubble mailers are suitable for shipping a wide range of items, particularly lightweight or moderately fragile ones. Here let’s see some examples of items that can be shipped using bubble mailers:




Bubble mailers provide a protective cushioning layer for important documents such as contracts, legal papers, certificates, or academic transcripts.





Bubble mailers help safeguard printed photographs, ensuring they remain in pristine condition during transit.


Small electronic devices:


Items like smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, or electronic accessories can be securely shipped in bubble mailers. They can be protected from scratches and minor impacts.




Bubble mailers provide a safe and cushioned environment for shipping delicate jewelry items such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or rings, etc.



Clothing accessories:


Items like scarves, belts, gloves, or small fashion accessories can be shipped in bubble mailers, offering protection from damage and ensuring they arrive in good condition.


Small media: Bubble mailers are commonly used for shipping CDs, DVDs, or other small media items, protecting them from scratches and ensuring they are delivered without any damage.


Beauty and cosmetic products:


Bubble mailers can be used for shipping small-sized beauty or cosmetic products, including makeup items, skincare products, or sample-sized items.


Crafts and small handmade items:


Bubble mailers provide a cushioned and protective layer for shipping small crafts, handmade products, or DIY items.


Books or magazines: Bubble mailers offer lightweight protection for shipping books, magazines, or other printed materials.


Small toys or collectibles:


Small toys, action figures, trading cards, or collectible items are also good to be shipped in bubble envelopes. They will reach their destination in good condition.


While bubble mailers provide some protection, it’s essential to consider their limitations when shipping delicate, bulky, or heavy items. In such cases, it is recommended to explore alternative packaging options or supplement the bubble mailer with additional cushioning and protective materials.



Things to consider when choosing the right bubble mailer


Bubble mailer sizes


Begin by accurately measuring the length, width, and height of your shipment, including any protruding parts or extra features. Note the largest measurement.


For optimal protection of your item during shipping, it’s crucial to include an appropriate margin. We recommend adding 1-2 inches (2.5-5cm) to each dimension of the item size to ensure it fits comfortably within the bubble wrap and is thoroughly safeguarded.


Alongside its size, the shape of the item plays a significant role in determining the ideal bubble wrap size. For instance, if your item is flat, opting for a larger bubble wrap size ensures that it is well-cushioned and fits entirely for maximum protection.



The thickness of the bubble mailer


-The thickness of the out-layer film


A thicker film provides better durability and tear resistance for items that require a higher level of protection. The thinner film is lighter and is suitable for lightweight items or weight-sensitive applications.

-The thickness of the bubbles (gram weight)


The thickness of the bubble layer is usually expressed using gram weight, which is the weight per square meter. The higher the gram weight, the thicker the bubble layer and the better the cushioning provided. Generally speaking, for fragile or easily damaged items, choosing a thicker bubble layer will provide better protection. For stronger items, a thinner layer of bubbles may be sufficient.


Achieving a perfect match between film thickness and bubble layer weight is crucial to avoid air leakage in bubble bags. If the film is too thick and the bubble layer is too light, the bubbles won’t provide enough support, increasing the chances of air leaks. If you don’t know how to choose, our staff at Package N’ Go will provide you with professional advice.

Item weight and shape


The weight and shape of the object being shipped should be taken into consideration while choosing the best bubble mailer. The bubble layer can be more easily damaged or punctured by heavier objects or objects with sharp edges.


In such cases, it is advisable to use bubble bags with a thicker film and a stronger bubble layer. A thicker film provides increased durability and resistance to punctures, while a stronger bubble layer offers better cushioning and protection against impacts.


Transportation and storage conditions


It is advised to use a thicker layer of film and bubble when traveling or storing objects for prolonged periods of time or in tough environments to enhance safety and protection.


Long-distance transportation or exposure to harsh conditions can increase the risks of impacts, vibrations, and other potential hazards that can compromise the integrity of the packaging. By using a thicker film and bubble layer, you provide an extra layer of protection against such risks.


The thicker film offers improved resistance to tears, punctures, and abrasions, making it more reliable in demanding conditions. Additionally, a thicker bubble layer provides enhanced cushioning, absorbing shocks and vibrations that may occur during transportation or storage.


What are the materials of bubble mailers?


Co-extruded film bubble mailers


The co-extruded film is a specialized plastic film produced through a simultaneous extrusion process involving multiple layers of molten plastic. This process merges two or more plastic materials into a single, multi-layered film through a specially designed die. The result is a continuous film with distinct layers created through the merging of different molten plastic materials.


Co-extruded film bubble mailers are essential for businesses that require mailing solutions capable of providing the right level of protection for various items. These bags are designed with a unique process and structure that delivers both durability and tear resistance, making them the preferred choice for businesses that require a cost-effective solution.


Apart from their lightweight and cushioning abilities, these bubble bags offer waterproof properties, which ensures that items remain protected from external factors. Whether you are looking to protect lightweight or bulky items, co-extruded film bubble bags are versatile alternatives that never disappoint.


Pearlescent bubble mailers



The pearlescent film is composed of polypropylene resin, calcium carbonate, pearlescent pigment, and other additives. These components are mixed together and then stretched in both directions. The resulting film exhibits several features: a milky white appearance, a pearlescent effect, excellent tensile strength, effective shading, moderate density, and stability. It offers high stiffness, low static electricity, high gloss, high whiteness, good pearlescent color, and performs well in printing compounds.


Pearlescent bubble mailers are becoming increasingly popular in the shipping industry. These mailers offer both a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution for shipping products. They are sturdy and durable, providing extra protection to their contents during transit while their eye-catching, pearlescent finish gives a professional touch to any package.


Pearlescent bubble mailers offer exceptional durability and an impressive aesthetic appeal. Moreover, these mailers are light in weight and easy to utilize. They prove to be a trustworthy and cost-effective option whether you are shipping fragile and delicate items or seeking an attractive touch to your packaging.



In fact, there are considerable visual similarities between the co-extruded film and pearlescent film, making it challenging to tell them apart at first glance.


One of the ways to differentiate between co-extruded film and pearlescent film is by checking if there is color difference between the inner and outer layers. In the co-extruded film, the inner and outer layers typically usually have different colors, while pearlescent film maintains a consistent color throughout.


Another distinguishing factor is the elasticity of the film. The co-extruded film tends to be more elastic, allowing for flexibility and stretching, whereas pearlescent film is relatively inelastic and can be easily peeled off.


The co-extruded film frequently releases an unpleasant smell when burned, but the pearlescent film doesn’t smell at all or could even have a faint perfume.


The co-extruded film can be produced using a blend of recycled materials, making it more environmentally friendly. In contrast, the pearlescent film typically lacks recycled content in its manufacturing process.


Overall, by considering the color difference, elasticity, burning odor, and use of recycled materials, we can effectively distinguish between co-extruded film and pearlescent film.


Kraft bubble mailers


Kraft paper is a type of paper that is produced from the chemical pulping of wood pulp, specifically from softwood trees like pine or spruce. It is known for its strength and durability.


Kraft paper, derived from the German word for strength, is produced using the kraft process. This method treats wood chips with chemicals like sodium hydroxide and sodium sulfide to transform them into fibers. This process removes the lignin, a natural polymer that gives wood its rigidity but makes paper weak and prone to yellowing over time.


The resulting pulp is then pressed and dried to form kraft paper. It has a relatively high tensile strength and tear resistance, making it suitable for various applications that require robust packaging or wrapping materials.


Kraft bubble envelopes have rapidly gained popularity in the shipping and packaging industry due to their impressive durability and tear resistance. The combination of a robust outer layer made of kraft paper and a protective inner layer of bubble film ensures that items packaged within these envelopes are effectively shielded from potential damage and wear.


Beyond providing essential protection, these envelopes offer a range of practical benefits. They are lightweight and flexible, facilitating easy handling and storage. Moreover, their eco-friendly materials make them a sustainable option, as kraft paper can be recycled and reused. Overall, kraft bubble envelopes provide a reliable and responsible solution for safely shipping valuable and delicate items.


It is worth noting that among various materials used for bubble bags, kraft bubble bags have a significant feature: they can be written on directly.


Metallic bubble mailers



A unique variety of bubble mailers is the metallic bubble mailer. Metallic bubble bags are the best option for people looking for a luxury presentation and great quality. These bags’ precisely engineered construction not only ensures that your expensive goods are shielded from light, heat, and gas, but also blocks the entry of any moisture, oxygen, or other potentially harmful components.


Thanks to their exceptional strength and durability, these bags can withstand significant external pressure and impacts, while their lightweight and flexible nature makes them effortless to carry, pack and store. The metallic texture of these bags adds to their professional, luxurious appeal, making them an ideal choice for a variety of high-end products.


There are mainly two kinds of metallic bubble mailers: aluminized bubble mailers and aluminum foil bubble mailers. To quickly distinguish between aluminum foil and aluminized film, there are several key differences to consider.


Firstly, aluminum foil film appears silvery white or silvery gray, while the aluminized film has a silvery yellow or silvery black appearance with higher brightness.


Secondly, aluminum foil film feels thicker, stiffer, and heavier compared to the lighter and softer feel of the aluminized film.


Lastly, when folded, aluminum foil film retains fold marks, while aluminum packaging quickly springs back without leaving any noticeable fold marks.


Hard shell bubble mailers and soft shell bubble mailers


The manufacturing technique used in bubble mailers plays a significant role in their appearance and performance. One key technique is “foaming,” which creates a bumpy texture on the surface of the mailer, and this mailer is called hard shell bubble mailer. However, not all bubble mailers undergo this foaming process.


Foaming bubble mailers offer several advantages, including enhanced shock resistance and improved visual appeal. The foaming process results in a rough texture that gives an additional layer of cushioning, improving protection for the mailer’s contents. It’s crucial to keep in mind, though, that hard shell bubble mailers often cost more than soft shell bubble mailers.


It is generally not recommended to produce hard shell bubble mailers using certain types of films. For instance, aluminum foil films and laser films with a weight below 160g, or co-extruded films below 85g, may not be suitable for the foaming process. This is because using these films in hard shell bubble mailers can result in a lack of aesthetics and the formation of “bubbles within bubbles”. Moreover, there is a risk of poor lamination between the film layers and air bubbles, which can lead to air leakage issues.


It’s crucial to select the appropriate technique based on the specific characteristics of the film being used to ensure the integrity and functionality of the bubble mailer.





In summary, when selecting the right bubble mailer, factors to consider include the size and shape of the mailer, the thickness of the film and bubble layer, the weight and shape of the item being shipped, transportation and storage conditions, and the specific materials used for the bubble mailer. Different materials like co-extruded film, pearlescent film, kraft paper, and metallic options offer unique features and advantages, such as durability, tear resistance, waterproof properties, and professional appeal. Additionally, the foaming technique in bubble mailer manufacturing can provide enhanced shock resistance and visual appeal.


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