How to Design and Personalize Your Mailer Bags

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Custom Mailer Bags Are An Important Part of Your Branding And Marketing Strategy

Each platform and brand in the market has a distinctive mailer bag design. Whatever you sell, mailer bags are the best approach to draw attention. Those plastic envelopes are a terrific method to make sure that you always present yourself in the best possible light, regardless of whether you’re distributing physical goods or simply attempting to raise awareness. Before the customers see the items they ordered, the deliveries arrive to them in the form of the packaging. There is no better time to purchase some custom mailer bags than right now if you want your company to stand out from the competition. How can you get a well designed mailer bag? At Package N’ Go , we will discuss how to design and customize your mailer bags.

➔ Choose The Right Style And Concept

Designing the ideal mailer bag involves more than just picking a color. For a successful mailer bag design project, it is important to consider the type of product you are marketing and the target audience. Is it an expensive item targeting white collar elites? Or a discount item targeting housewives? This will help you determine. Also, in order to stand out and effectively deliver your message to customers, you also need to think about the concept and design aesthetic of the mailer bag. For instance, companies that focus on environmentally friendly products frequently incorporate green into their designs, while companies selling children’s clothes favor more vibrant, colorful cartoon imagery. Of course, logo is also a necessary element.

➔ Available Software For Designing Mailing Bags

There are many excellent software programs that are available for designing mailer bags. Popular options include Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, which give you the tools and functionality you need to swiftly and efficiently create designs with a professional appearance. The size of the mailer bag can be precisely estimated or a fair size range can be controlled by measuring the actual product size and the designer’s understanding of the goods.

➔ Additional Work

A compact mailer bag design may appear to be time- and energy-saving, but it actually involves a lot of auxiliary labor. As a result, the design process includes not only customer needs but also inquiries to find a reliable supplier as well.

mailer bags

Tips For Mailer Bag Design

➔ Patterns better not extend to the edges of left and right sides

Designers of mailer bags should be aware that it is advised against placing designs all the way to the left and right sides due to the possibility of cutting machine deviations. Since mailer bags are often cut continually, there’s a chance that patterns assigned to one side may end up on the next mailer bag’s side – effectively ruining the overall look of both mailers. To keep mailers looking their best, mailer bag designers need to pay attention to how far elements extend in order to avoid this issue entirely.


But, if you absolutely want a full page printing with the design extending to the sides of the bag, or if you are asked not to adjust the design in any way. You can also solve the problem with Package N’ Go. Our professional design and production team will try to zoom out the design file at certain percentage and add a margin space with similar color so that the machine’s cutting head has a small amount of flexibility so that we can prevent patterns from shifting to the next bag.

➔ Patterns better not extend to the bottom edges of front and back sides

It’s also suggested to avoid laying patterns at the bottom edges of the front and back sides of mailer bags. This is because small changes in the machine’s operation during folding could cause patterns to move just a little bit. As a result, patterns that were originally meant for the front side may end up at the back side instead, or the other way around. So, designers must always be mindful of these potential alterations and take the necessary safety steps while constructing mailer bags.

Of course, if you don’t have other choices, the team at Package N’ Go also has strategies that can assist you in this circumstance. With crucial information aimed at conveying to the clients, the front side of the mailer is typically more significant than the rear side. What we can do is ask our engieer to adjust the machine so that the design on the front side can slightly overlap the design on the back side without the reverse happening.

But of course, before any adjustments are made, we endeavour to ensure our customers understand and agree with the changes.

➔ Design better not include too many colors

Mailer bags are typically printed using gravure, which requires overprinting, and it has very strict machine requirements. We advise using no more than four colors in the design. If too many colors are applied in the design, or the equipment used does not meet high standards, the issue of inaccurate overprinting or inferior overprinting is likely to arise.


One of the main causes of inaccurate overprinting is a film issue, such as uneven film winding, unequal film thickness, ruffles, or the film is too slippery or smooth. Also there could be problem of the equipment, for example, the tension setting of the printing machine does not match or the tension system is out of order.

Inferior overprinting can be caused by a number of factors, such as malfunctioning equipment components, improper tension control or differences in the thickness and texture of raw materials. Furthermore, due to the expansive/contractive material qualities, little text or lines in multicolor printing designs are more likely to cause issues when printed. As a result, choosing spot color or monochrome is likely a better option for these aspects.

➔ Gluing Area Being Blank

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It’s important to keep in mind while designing mailer bags that the adhesive area better not have any decorations. To maintain the best functionality and financial efficiency, this area is suggested  to be left bare. Not only does it save the printing cost, it also will avoid the ink from degrading the adhesion quality. The size of the closed flap is suggested to be around 1 cm bigger than the area that needs to be sealed so as to avoid the design to be covered by the flap after sealing. Mailer bag designers can help enhance mailer bag success by ensuring that expensive mail items are adequately secured with strong adhesion by making sure to keep that area clean from patterns or designs.

➔ No Color or Patterns on Left And Right Sides of Bubble Mailers

For special mailer bags like bubble mailers, it is advised against using color or patterns on the left and right sides of the crimped edges, the width of which are usually 1cm – 1.5cm. This is because the sides of the bubble bags are pressed together under high temperature, which may cause color loss or show white patches. Make sure that there are no patterns or colors on either side of the mailer’s crimping edge to safeguard your mailer bag design from these unwelcome incidents.

➔ Eye Mark

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Please be aware that finished bags frequently have an eye mark or a locator mark—a little black line strip—in the center or corner. This component, which is visible on the mailer bag, aids automatic cutting machines in determining the precise places that need to be trimmed. Hence, even though this element may not have been a part of your mailer bag design, it is crucial to the creation of mailer bags.

You are eager to create your own distinctive mailer bag after learning so much about mailer bag design? The design of mailer bag contains a lot more intricate and specialized knowledge. In the future, Package N’ Go will continue to blog about shapes, sizes, printing, and other design-related topics. Package N’ Go can be your assistant if you don’t have the time to do your own design and need assistance. For your product and brand, our skilled design team will produce the ideal package. Contact us right away!

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