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Master Your Mailer Box and Make It Into a Powerful Driver

Master Your Mailer Box and Make It Into a Powerful Driver For Your Business


What is a mailer box?


A mailer box is a corrugated cardboard packaging which is strong enough to send and protect your products. With a multi-layer structure, it is more durable than paperboard boxes. With self-locking flaps and wings, it is effortless to assemble requiring no tape or glue to seal which is a must for shipping boxes.


If you are hunting for ways to shine your retail product, just try it since a tailored mailer box will help get extra points for your fine product and make it engage your target audience.


Now, let’s further unveil the mailer box from its benefits, uses, classifications, sizes and other questions you may concern about.


What are the benefits of Mailer Boxes?


Mailer boxes hold great benefits that make it possible to help generate huge revenue. But that is exactly what most businesses neglect. Therefore, if you are a start-up or a company seeking for ways to increase profits, you are in luck since the following benefits will shine your brand as long as you harness them in a right way.


  • Versatile Designand Flexible OptionAvailable

Versatile designs and packaging options of mailer boxes give you more possibilities to create your own branded boxes and raise your brand awareness, driving the promotion of your products effectively.


  • Suitable for Variety of Items

Mailer boxes can easily manage the product of various weight. As long as your product is not that large, you can just go with them.


  • Self-lockingDesign Ensuring Security

Mailer boxes own a unique feature of self-locking design, which differentiate them from other boxes. They are easy-fold and effortless to open and lock. Their flaps and wings made from corrugated cardboard are sturdy and tucked into the holes designed for them, preventing the opening on their own.


  • Marketing Tool and Unboxing Experience

A well-designed box will give your clients an incredible unboxing experience and allure them to share it on Instagram. When you brand and beautify your boxes with unique designs and inserts that fit your products perfectly, the custom boxes will undoubtedly up the ante on your marketing.


What are Uses of Mailer Boxes?


If you are striving to engage your recipients by products, an exquisite mailer box is a must for you to make it come true. Mailer boxes are used to package a wide range of items from clothing to bedding, jewelry to digital products as long as you choose the right size for them.


mailer box for clothes


Compared with a paperboard box, a mailer box provides more protection for the item in it with corrugated sheets as a buffer.


Compared with a shipping box, a mailer box is better for small- to medium-sized products while the later one is more suitable for bulky goods.


What styles of mailer boxes serve for you?


Mailer boxes come in various styles, you can choose whichever is best for your product.


various styles of mailer box


If the above styles do not fulfill your demands, we still have unlimited choices for you. As long as you convey what you envision to us, we can bring it to life.


You have multiple options on materials and shapes for box inserts, which will further protect and better display your valuable products.


inserts of mailer box


What size mailer box do I need?


Opting for a box that exactly complement your supplies will add value to your business. If you are still struggling with the size of boxes, this quick guide may be of great help, which includes a variety of sizes to cater almost everything from cosmetics to heavy clothing items and other you can imagine.


9.2×9.2×5 cm

11.8×14×8 cm

The small mailer boxes are ideal for jewellery, cosmetics or other small stuff.


20.7×15.6×9.1 cm

23.1×14×8 cm

26.5×19.5×6 cm

32×18.9×9 cm

30.2×23.3×8.8 cm

The medium mailer boxes are suitable for cupcakes, small appliances, clothing, bags, etc.


36.4×31.4×12.5 cm

44×33.9×15.9 cm

42.5×52×18 cm

The large mailer boxes are great for shipping large electronic appliances or heavy clothing items.


To determine the size of boxes fit for your items, you can measure the dimension of your product. Add 1 cm to these numbers is the inner diameter of the shipper box. But that doesn’t work for the box with inserts. Thus if you order that, remember to contact us to get the perfect size of your box.


Where are mailer boxes from?


Mailer boxes are multi-layered cardboard structure, with two-layer flat cardboard and one-layer corrugated sheet bonding together. They are made from eco-friendly and high-quality contents, and mainly come in the following three paper types.



Natural kraft cardboard is made from 100% recycled material including its print with water-based inks. If you are promoting eco-friendly products and work on raising environmental awareness, this is made for you.


Additionally, Kraft is more affordable than the majority of other materials and aids eco-businesses in increasing productivity while producing less packaging waste. Eco-friendly companies can promote themselves while reducing their environmental effect by using Kraft mailer boxes.


Standard white:

Standard white cardboard with a traditional matte finish works with all colors. When it comes to printing color-heavy images, standard white is a better choice than kraft.


Standard White’s adaptability guarantees that your creative idea will be realised in a spectacular and polished end product.


Premium white:

With a glossy coating, it is brighter than standard white. This is the best for vibrant full-color designs, making your design with various bright colors pop.


As a professional company, you must make sure that every element of your visual presentation is of the highest calibre. Choosing Premium White is an important first step towards reaching this unmatched outcome.


Cardboard flute thicknesses available as follows:

Cardboard flute thicknesses

The thicker the cardboard is, the stronger its load-bearing capacity and shock resistance are.


Other thicknesses, including B-flute, can also be tailored; these are just the three that are most frequently employed.


How are mailer boxes made?


Step 1:Printing

No matter what kind of cardboard you choose, printing some images and logo on mailer boxes is necessary for the enhancement of aesthetics to wow your customers. We apply flexography printing and offset printing for kraft and white cardboard respectively, and employ high-end equipment and advanced printing technology that enable your design to be presented at its best.


To highlight your logo or spot image, you can opt for complex binding like spot UV, glitter, and foil stamping, which will be dealt with after printing images.


Step 2:Composite

Composite the two pieces of brown or white cardboard and corrugated sheet into one piece with a strong adhesive. Flattened with a heavy object, they are kept from bending and deformation.


The composited cardboard have to experience about two-day natural drying in order to strengthen the cohesion between each other.


Step 3: Die-cutting

This is a key step that determine the appearance of products and perfect folding or locking. The custom shapes of boxes are cut out with a die that has sharp and blunt blades to mark edges and creases of boxes respectively.


Before mass production, technicians conduct multiple sampling inspections to make sure the pressure from a die is not overly strong in case the cardboard is totally pierced resulting in a waste one. Every step is tested by our experts to ensure every box is produced perfectly.


Step 4:Box Cutting and Making

This is the last step and the most important one, boxes begin to take shape as offcuts are removed. The step seems simple, but that requires expertise since it directly affect the box making. We have our specialist equipment to do that.


After that, the two-dimensional boxes are completed. If you prefer three-dimensional ones, just tell us without hesitation. Whether to receive unfolded boxes or finished ones depends on your requirement. Click here to create your personalized mailer boxes.


How much is a mailer box?

The cost of the mailer box isn’t set in stone. In fact, there are numerous aspects that influence its pricing—size, material, printing, and an array of customizable elements. From small pocket sized options to larger models, it can take on many different shapes and forms.


Likewise, materials range from lightweight corrugated cardboard to attractive glossy prints. Advanced printing techniques offer up an unbeatable resource for in-depth branding that make each box truly special. Plus there are even other thoughtful subtleties you can incorporate – some of them bound to leave a lasting impression with your customers.


Mastering your mailer box can have a powerful impact on your business, especially for e-commerce businesses. Custom mailer boxes offer versatile design options and flexible packaging choices, allowing you to create branded boxes that raise awareness and effectively promote your products.


So, seize the opportunity to harness the power of custom mailer boxes and take your business to new heights.

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