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Returnable poly mailers-Poly Mailers With Double Self-Sealing Strip

Returnable poly mailers – Poly Mailers With Double Self-Sealing Strips

poly mailers with double self-sealing strips

A poly mailer with double self-sealing strips is a skillfully made mailing bag that may be used to accomplish this. With the help of this device, you may reuse your packaging in an easy, secure, and sustainable way. Taking this simple action can propel us toward sustainability with ease.


The rise of e-commerce has led to a surge of plastic packaging consumption, posing a significant threat to the environment. Finding solutions to reuse these items is crucial to preventing them from contributing to our environmental degradation.

What is a poly mailer with double self-sealing strips?


poly mailers with double self-sealing strips


The ordinary mailer bag has only one adhesive strip. Due to the anti-tampering function of poly mailers, the strip cannot be recovered after tearing. While this makes it difficult to reuse them.


A poly mailer with double self-sealing strips is a mailer bag that has two adhesive strips at the sealing area, so it’s also called a returnable poly mailer. Although it is just a small change in the design, it can be a good solution to use the poly mailer easily for a second time. After the package is opened, since there is an adhesive strip left is not used, the bag can be used again no matter for returning the product or saving for sending a courier in the future. It just looks like a brand-new mailer bag.


Features of poly mailers with double self-sealing strips


Besides the convenience of being reused, poly mailers with double self-sealing strips are the best option when it comes to sending packages, just like all types of poly mailing envelopes. These mailers are strong and resilient enough for any shipping circumstance because they can tolerate rigorous treatment. They provide flexibility since they may safely retain goods of various sizes without the need for additional packing or reinforcing. Also, this kind of mailer is made to be water resistant, which is important if you want to make sure your product arrives at its destination dry and safe.


Poly mailers with double self-sealing strips are also very cost-effective due to their low price and lightweight, which reduces shipping expenses. You can have more confidence that your delivery will arrive on time and undamaged when all these qualities are combined.


Benefits of using poly mailers with double self-sealing strips for business owners


It benefits a brand to be recognized as an ecologically conscious organization. Little design tweaks, like the usage of poly mailers with double self-sealing strips, can have a big impact on improving the company’s image. Conscious customers actively seek out businesses that demonstrate sustainability. Making eco-friendly decisions allows you to show your dedication to the environment and make a good first impression on potential clients.


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