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Viva Magenta - Your Mailer Bag Change According to Time

Viva Magenta –Your Custom Mailer Bag Has to Keep up With The Times

Viva Magenta

In December 2022, PANTONE Colorcom made the formal announcement that PANTONE18-1750 Viva Magenta was chosen as the color of the year 2023.

Viva Magenta, the color of the year 2023

VivaMagenta is a member of the red color family and was created from carmine, the world’s brightest dye. Prior to the development of synthetic magenta in 1859, the dye derived from cochineal was one of the most expensive and potent natural dyes in this color family. The emphasis on character and liveliness in VivaMagenta contrasts with the strong impact energy of carmine. Being a combination of purple pink and light red, VivaMagenta is innately upbeat and open, acting as a motivating factor for individuals.


Magenta, the uncommon red of the traditional era, is still flourishing. PANTONE genuinely chooses a representative of the worldwide spirit of the times in a year while transmitting the expectations of consumers when choosing the yearly color. This is in contrast to just choosing a “popular color” that can be.


It is also due to the fact that as the epidemic haze gradually dissipated, more and more city dwellers were eager to begin a new life and were hoping with fervor to rediscover their earlier joy and merriment. VivaMagenta covertly conceals a cheer for this round of beneficial adjustments as well.



Let your custom mailer bags wear viva magenta


Viva Magenta


The color of the year has given us inspiration for our clothing choices and interior design. Have you thought about utilizing the same idea with our mailer bag designs? You can make your mailer bag stand out from the competition by incorporating the Viva Magenta feature. Use hot shades in your product line to stay current with poly mailer design best practices. Let your poly mailer design wear Viva Magenta with confidence.


It is simple to customize the mailer bag in the color Viva Magenta. If you want a striking and simple design, you can make the entire mailer bag Viva Magenta while using light colors (like white) for the lettering and logo to give the mailer bag a light and airy appearance.


If you want a sophisticated and beautiful design, Viva Magenta colors can tastefully be incorporated into your mailer bag design to make it truly stand out. With the combination of a sophisticated and beautiful design, you’ll be able to communicate your brand message and show off your unique style with ease.


Ready to add a special touch to your mailer envelopes? Give Package N’ Go the opportunity to assist you. Without wasting any time, our creative team can ensure that your brand and product stand out with an outstanding package. Contact us today for more information!

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