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Top 4 Common Knowledge About Metallic Bubble Mailer

4 Common Knowledge About Metallic Bubble Mailer

Metallic bubble mailers

To know the features of metallic bubble mailers, we should know what a bubble mailer is first. In this era of rapid development of e-commerce, there’s no doubt that poly mailers are widely used, which are sturdy and lightweight plastic bag that are designed to mail products. And the bubble mailers are poly mailers with bubble pads. They are perfect to mail fragile items that are not suitable for mailing in poly mailers because of the bubble pads.

As mentioned earlier, even though bubble mailers often come with a plastic encasing, metallic ones are different. These distinctive mailers feature a shiny aluminum foil exterior for enhanced protection and durability during transit. But you may still wonder, how does it differ from ordinary ones exactly except for the material of the exterior layer.

Metallic bubble mailers are more unpliant

Metallic bubble mailer do not deform easily. It’s not because they are not as thin and lightweight as ordinary ones. Instead, they are thin and lightweight too, but the aluminum foil layers provide the hardness and oughness. Moreover, the metallic outer layer is sturdier than ordinary ones, which makes it more suitable for fragile products and keep itself formed better.

Metallic bubble mailers are puncture resistant and penetration resistant

Aluminum foil can be a gamechanger for your business. Its metallic outer layer offers superior puncture resistance and unmatched waterproofing capabilities, protecting whatever is inside the packaging against unwelcome intrusions. It’s not hard to imagine how an aluminum foil will benefit your business only by being the material of your packaging.

Metallic bubble mailers create temperature resistance

Aluminum foil is a go-to for fresh food businesses. Its multi-purpose use in packaging not only keeps smells from wafting, but also helps preserve temperatures and moisture levels– making it ideal to protect shipments of precious goods sent by mailers. In fact, when used with ice cubes inside these custom envelopes, products keep their perfect condition over long distances!|

Metallic bubble mailers are shiny

Metallic Bubble Mailer shine even without printing because of the metallic outer layers. This feature makes they stand out from other ordinary ones and the outer layers look upscale. What’s more, metallic bubble mailers are able to be customized too. You can choose whatever the colors you want and design your own style.

And if you would love to add a little bit more special printing, the laser-printing technique will be a great choice for that.



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