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What Kind of Products can be Shipped in Poly Mailers?

What Kinds of Products can be Shipped in Poly Mailers?

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As a business, the packaging you use can make an impact on your bottom line. Using efficient shipping materials helps protect customer purchases while reducing costs. Custom poly mailers are the best option to grow business.

Businesses rely on poly mailer bags for their shipping solutions due to the efficient performance of this lightweight and durable solution. An optimal choice among packaging supplies, these versatile mailers have quickly become an industry staple. Not only do they reduce postal expenses but also help ensure items remain safe during transit.  

Let’s explore the world of poly mailers and learn how to choose the best options for shipping your products with ease! With this blog post, you’ll get an up-close look into what types are available.

Poly mailers for clothes, apparel,  fabric, and yarns

From cozy sweaters to designer bedding, poly mailers are the perfect solution for transporting a variety of soft raw materials. With an impressive load-bearing capacity and use of cotton, linen silk tweed and fabric fibers, durable shipping is now affordable!

Poly mailers for books and printed products

Enjoy the lasting quality of printed products without worrying about damage during delivery. Since poly mailers are water resistant, they can ensure your printed products arrive at the final destination safe and sound!

Poly mailers for


Wires are essential for everyday life, so packaging solutions are needed to guarantee nonstop electricity. To meet these requirements, insulation and waterproof materials are essential components of the shipping process. Thus, poly mailers are the perfect choice for shipping wires.

Any other things that are already packed in boxes

Boxes that are used for packing are usually delicately designed and have a significant logo picture of your brand. When delivering boxes directly, deep scratches or damages could quickly diminish the unboxing experience of your customers.

This not only tarnishes their impression of your brand’s logo but can even leave them with an unpleasant feeling overall. In this case, poly mailers can be used to protect exquisite boxes from scratches and damage.

Customize your ideal poly mailers with Package N’ Go

Package N’ Go is a packaging supplier that helps clients promote their brands and display their products in an attractive manner. In the meantime, we guarantee that the poly mailers we offer are the highest quality batch in the industry. In addition to that, we have very specialized knowledge about other shipping supplies.

If you are looking for the price sheet of custom poly mailers, click here to find out your answer. And if this article hasn’t solved your problems yet, click here for more information.

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