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Which Kind of Bubble Mailer is Cheapest

bubble mailer in different materials

We will explain to you today how to choose cheap bubble envelope if you are a new e-commerce company and need to use bubble mailing bags in order to save money on delivery packaging.


What is a bubble mailer?


A bubble mailer is a bubble envelope created to offer the best protection possible for objects while delivery. The bubble envelopes shield and cushion potentially fragile or priceless things because they are composed of a strong, lightweight film made of plastic or other materials lined with bubble wrap. These bubble mailing bags are available in a wide range of sizes and feature a handy self-seal closure, requiring no additional tape to seal them shut.


What materials are available for bubble mailers?


Bubble mailers can be made with a variety of materials, including co-extruded bubble mailers, pearlescent bubble mailers, metallic bubble mailers, and kraft bubble mailers. Each type offers different benefits.


Co-extruded bubble mailer


Co-extruded bubble envelope is laminated by co-extruded film and a layer of bubble wrap. For anyone wishing to ensure their things remain undamaged and waterproof during transport, poly bubble envelopes are the ideal option. They not only have a soft-to-the-touch exterior but also shockproof characteristics, ensuring that everything within is always protected.


Pearlescent bubble mailer


Another greatest packing option available is a pearlescent bubble mailer. They are not only waterproof, tear-resistant, and shockproof, making them extremely durable, but their matte finish also offers your product a sleek look that will not be compromised by any little protrusions on its surface. Also, for a more striking look, you can maintain those bumps barely perceptible with some light printing.


Metallic bubble mailer


Metallic bubble mailers are the ideal partner for business or personal usage because of their metal, holographic, robust, and waterproof features that make them tear-resistant and shockproof. While there are even holographic varieties if you want to add an eye-catching touch of color, their rich surface lends a distinctive shine.


Kraft bubble mailer


Despite their natural appearance, kraft bubble mailers do not offer as much protection as other materials. Exercise caution when using these envelopes as they are not water-resistant. Additionally, ensure to separate paper and plastic components for proper recycling.


Which bubble mailer material should you use to save costs?


For the above four materials of bubble mailers, if the quantity, size, pattern, and other variables remain unchanged, metallic bubble mailer has the highest price, followed by pearlescent bubble mailer and co-extruded bubble mailer, and the lowest price is kraft bubble mailer. You know how to find the cheapest bubble mailer and to make cost-saving decisions once you have this knowledge.


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