Its full name is zipper-type corrugated box packaging. It is a corrugated cardboard box produced by professional packaging machinery and equipment with corrugated cardboard as the material. Its characteristics are beautiful appearance, environmental protection, safety, and anti-theft, which can reduce logistics costs and improve logistics delivery efficiency. Under normal circumstances, the front of the carton has a zipper. When using it, you only need to pull the zipper gently according to the instructions on the box, and the carton will open immediately, which can eliminate the complicated opening process and make it convenient for customers to take the goods.


There are many advantages of Zipper carton:


  • Beautiful appearance and eco-friendly;


  • Unpacking the box just needs 3 seconds. Simplifying the complicated process, enhancing the user’s unboxing experience, and assisting in the promotion of corporate brand names;


  • Reduce costs. For packaging links of e-commerce logistics, it can save 50% packaging time and reduce overall costs by about 20%;


  • Improve efficiency. It can increase the average daily delivery capacity by 2 times, which can help enterprises to quickly deliver;


  • Safe, anti-theft, and avoid man-made damage.


The zipper box has a wide range of applications. Zipper cartons are divided into Flute-A, Flute-B, and Flute-E. Generally, Flute-E is mostly used in clothing, shoes, hats, cosmetics, medicine, daily chemicals, and department stores.


Therefore, zip lock boxes are a very good choice for your eCommerce business. You could design and place an order today. With a minimum order quantity of 500 and no instant pricing, you can get exactly what you designed!


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