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Custom Shoe Boxes: Which Box Type is Best for Your Business? -

Custom Shoe Boxes: Which Box Type is Best for Your Business?


It’s no secret that shipping and packaging can be a costly expense for businesses. And, when it comes to shipping footwear, the right type of box is essential to ensure they arrive at their destination in good condition.


So, what are the best types of boxes to ship shoes? In this blog post, we will explore three common box types and discuss their applicable cases. Stay tuned!


Custom Mailer boxes

Mailer boxes are made from corrugated cardboard and have a flap on one side that can be sealed. This design allows for easy stacking and storage of shoes.


They provide a level of protection against crushing and scratching, and they’re also relatively lightweight, which helps to keep shipping costs down. Plus, mailer boxes can be easily customized with your branding, making them a great way to show off your style.


mailer box for shoes


However, mailer boxes aren’t always the right choice for every situation. If you’re shipping larger or heavier shoes, you may want to consider using a sturdier box that can withstand the journey instead. After all, your goal is to arrive at your destination with shoes that are in perfect condition – and that’s not always possible if you skimp on the packaging.


Rigid boxes

The second and the most exquisite way to pack shoes is by using rigid boxes. Rigid boxes offer superior protection against impacts and wear and tear, ensuring that your shoes arrive at their destination in perfect condition.


rigid box for shoes


In addition, rigid boxes can be printed with high-quality graphics and branding, making them an excellent choice for branded shoe boxes. And because rigid boxes are stackable, they’re also ideal for shipping and storage. If you’re looking for a packaging solution that will safeguard your shoes and provide a polished presentation, consider investing in rigid boxes.


Custom Shipping boxes


The shipping box is the most common type of box used for packaging shoes. Shipping boxes are generally made from corrugated cardboard, and they are designed to protect the contents from damage during shipping. Because of their simple structure requiring tape or glue to seal, this kind of boxes are generally very affordable.


Protective shoe packaging is key to ensuring your shoes arrive at their destination in good condition. You can go for shipping boxes to directly package your shoes, or you may consider applying them as a shield for your exquisite rigid boxes when you ship shoes to your consumers.


shipping box for shoes


Now that you know a little more about custom packaging when it comes to shipping boxes for shoes, you’re ready to make a decision for your business. The best way to determine which type of box is ultimately best for your needs is by considering the type of shoes you’re shipping and how much brand recognition you want. With a little bit of planning, you can ensure that your shoes arrive safely at their destination.


Need help with shipping solutions for your business? No worries! Our team is always ready to give you a hand. Reach out and we’ll find the perfect fit – together!


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